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Taking orders for my TREATMENT-FREE NUCS FOR SALE. I’ve been treatment-free for 7 years. Be forewarned, these bees can be spicy! But they are usually great honey makers. $175 for five frame nucs in a temporary nuc box that you should be able to use for at least a couple of seasons, with care. Payment by Venmo, Paypal or cash. Pick up by appointment. Call me at 510-285-7879.


Nucs, mated queens, virgin queens and queen cells.   Call 618-792-1700

Carniolan VHS Queens

Limited supply of Carniolan VHS mated QUEENS.   Available April 15, 2022.  Contact Tom Cairns 618-972-8282

FOR SALE – Keith Baecht

 2 Nucs for sale   – Contact number  618-402-8567

Hives and Equipment

Good Frames for Swarm Traps –

I have 16 bait combs good for catching swarms for trade. Some are just dark, the rest all have honey, pollen and nectar.  They have all been frozen and now they are wet, heavy and ready for use.  Just bring me replacements with clean wax foundation and new frame.

Julie McKinney  618-791-6252