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A Day With Dr. Tom Seeley
September 9, 2017
McHenry County College
A FREE Event Presented by the Northern Illinois Beekeeper Association

BeeSpeakSTL.com presents
Dr. Dale Hill
Saturday, September 30, 10 a.m.-2:30 p.m.
Missouri Botanical Garden, St. Louis

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Useful New Book

If you’re planning your garden for next year, check out this new book, Garden Plants for Honey Bees, by Peter LindtnerLindtner, a long-time beekeeper and plant scientist, has evaluated the nectar and pollen-producing resources of hundreds of common and not-so-common plants, rating their utility on a scale of one to five stars (*star, plant is least resourceful and *****stars, plant is most resourceful).  The book is organized by month, from February through November, making it easier to decide what to plant for times of resource scarcity, and contains 700 full color photos, along with descriptions of each plant and flower.  Available from Wicwas Press: http://www.wicwas.com/Garden_Plants_for_Honey_Bees