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For Sale From Tom Simpson Posted on 01/14/2021

For Sale From Tom Cairns on 12/26/2020:


FOR SALE 04/05/2020 From: Eleanor Schumacher

Taking orders for my TREATMENT-FREE NUCS FOR SALE. My hives came through winter very strong and healthy. I’ve been treatment-free for 5 years. Be forewarned, these bees can be spicy! But they are usually great honey makers. $175 for five frame nucs in a homemade, painted wooden nuc box that you should be able to use for at least a couple of seasons, with care. Payment by Venmo or Paypal only. Pick up by appointment call me at 510-285-7879 (social distancing practiced).




1437 E. 1050 Ave.   VANDALIA, IL 62471

PH: 618-780-1765

Click Prairie Profile 2020 Prices for updated prices on pine and cypress equipment or go to “Resources for Beekeepers” CYPRESS ADVANTAGE NATURALLY RESISTANT TO DECAY AND INSECTS.  NEEDS NO PAINT AND LASTS LONGER THAN ANY OTHER WOODEN BEE PRODUCTS.


Starter hives, Nucs and Packages from Big T’s Honeybee Farm 2019
Tim & Anna Lindley
1222 Airport Avenue, Greenville, IL. 62246
To order Call: 618-780-3772




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