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2017 Nucs and Queens

Ph. (618) 792-1700
(after 4PM on workdays … or after noon, on weekends please!)

Taking orders Jan. 1, 2017 for pickup at Waterloo, Illinois, by appointment only May 1 – July 4

     5 Fr. Deep Nuc w/ Mated Queen – $140
5 Fr. Medium Nuc w/ Mated Queen – $130

(Note: Nucs are placed into your hive with no frame exchange

Also: Mated Queens – $30 (after June 1)
Virgin Queens – $20 (after May 1)
Queen Cells – $10 (after May 1)

Kloepper Queens are:

  • Hygienic Italians crossed with Native Illinois stock!
  • Open mated in Illinois!
  • Daughters of Hygienic Italian production queens!
  • Mother Queens are selected from daughters of artificially inseminated queens from several Northern California Apiaries!
  • Two drone saturation yards maintained near queen mating yards!
  • Genetics include:
    • VSH Italian
    • Native Illinois
    • Purdue “Ankle Biters”
    • Cordovan Italians
    • Pol-Line Italian

Kloepper Apiaries    5320 Lemen Road   Waterloo, IL 62298


Five Frame Nucs for Sale
Transferred to your equipment at my home – no equipment exchange.
Raymond Chapman
602 E. Meade St.
Bunker Hill, IL 62014


5 Deep Frame Nucs for Sale
Tom Simpson
7185 Eagles Mount Lane
Edwardsville, IL 62025-4571
Phone: 618-659-1092
Cell: 618-301-0379
Local Illinois stock. Nuc will be placed into your equipment with no frame exchange. For pickup by appointment only at 7185 Eagles Mount Lane, Edwardsville, IL

300 Gallon Stainless Steel Tank for Sale
Raymond Chapman
602 E. Meade St.
Bunker Hill, IL 62014

Established hives in two deeps – $225.00
Pick up locations Millstadt or Lively Grove.
Call Ken Schaefer 618-398-6275


“The Picky Bee” Waterloo, IL 62298

Call Don Laidley Phone (618) 779-1909 Email:

2014 Price List  (Updates coming soon)

See additional items by clicking on The Picky Bee on the “Resources for Beekeepers” page under Equipment and Supplies

WW-500 Unassembled Select Grade Hive Body 9 5/8″ 19.50 each
WW-505 Unassembled Select Grade Hive Body 6 5/8″ 14.50 each
WW-300 Assembled Telescoping Cover 25.00 each
WW-246 Assembled Inner Cover 13.00 each
10 Frame Screen Bottom Board 25.00 each
WW-110 Assembled Nuc Box 17.00 each
WW-112 Nuc Migratory Cover 10.00 each
WW-113 Nuc Bottom Board 10.00 each
WW-355 Entrance Reducer 2.25 each
WW-900 Assembled Frames with Rite-Cell Foundation 9 1/8″ 3.25 each
WW-920 Assembled Frames with Rite-Cell Foundation 6 1/4″ 3.25 each
FR-910 Assembled 6 1/4 Wedge Top & Groove Bottom 2.25 each
HD-175 Metal Support Pins 100 pk 10.00 each
WW-130 9 Frame Spacers 2 Pack 3.00 each
DC-685 Beetle Blaster 2.25 each
HD-100 Queen Catcher 5.50 each
HD-388 Queen Marking Tube 6.25 each
HD-122 Wood Bound Queen Excluder 15.00 each
Chinese Grafting Tool 3.00 each
Brown Cell Fixtures .50 each
Yellow Cell Cup Holders .50 each
Brown Cell Cups .10 each
Hair Roller Cages .75 each
HD-630 Standard Frame Grip 9.50 each
Ultra Bee Pollen Patties 1lb Patty 5.00 each
Organic 100% Pure Lemon Grass Essential oil .25oz 6.40 each
HD-584 Hive Tool 5.25 each
HD-660 Bee Brush 6.50 each
FD-100 Boardman Entrance Feeder 5.50 each
HD-540 Smoker 4″x 10″ With Guard 45.00 each
HD-555 Smoker 4″x 7″ With Guard 42.00 each
Round Veil with String 19.00 each
Ventilated Mesh Helmet (White or Tan ) 22.00each

Post Date: February 2, 2015

 Wanted:  Locally produced beeswax for lotion bars and lip balm – O’Fallon area.

Please contact:

Wanted:  Unprocessed Beeswax Please contact Kim Wrigley (Belleville) if you have clean unprocessed cappings or beeswax you would like to sell! Ph. (618) 213-7019 or Email:

Post Date: December 11, 2014


Click Prairie Profile Prices for updated prices on pine and cypress equipment or go to “Resources for Beekeepers” CYPRESS ADVANTAGE NATURALLY RESISTANT TO DECAY AND INSECTS.  NEEDS NO PAINT AND LASTS LONGER THAN ANY OTHER WOODEN BEE PRODUCTS.

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