Publications & Presentations

Why did my bees Die 2018 (Meghan Milbrath YouTube)

Why did my bees die? (Meghan Milbrath, Michigan State)

Understanding Varroa Risk (Meghan Milbrath, Michigan State)

The Plight of the Bees (University of Minnesota)

Making Mite Monitoring Fun

Feeding Your Bees

Fall Feeding Bees Presentation

Pollen Analysis (January 2016, Wayne Wilhelm)

How to Process Beeswax (John Pashia 2018)

How to Build Solar Wax Melter (John Pashia 2018)

Mite Control Chart (Jane Sueme 2018)

Feeding Schedule (Jane Sueme 2018)

Bee Activity by Temperature (Jane Sueme 2018)

Oxalic Acid for Treatment of Varroa Mites (January 2017)
The State of Illinois has approved oxalic acid to treat varroa mites; the state-approved source of the product is Brushy Mountain Bee Supply. For information on how to apply oxalic acid using the dribble method click on Honey Bee SuiteIf using a vaporizer click here.  To view Randy Oliver’s presentation on oxalic acid, click hereFor additional information read this article or go to Scientific Beekeeping.


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