Upcoming Events

Our next monthly meeting will take place Friday, February 28, 7:00 pm @ Madison County Farm Bureau, 900 Hillsboro St., IL 62025

At our meeting on February 28 Tim Lindley will discuss a timely subject of interest to every beekeeper:

“Bringing Your Bees Out of Winter” 

We’re at a critical time of the year when the bees have gone through much of their stored honey and are beginning to need more pollen to stimulate the nurse bees to make brood food. Some beekeepers have already seen bees bringing pollen into hives early this month, and by the time of the meeting that exciting sign of Spring may really pick up if the willows, maples, elm and other trees and shrubs have started to bloom. But supplementary feeding may also be necessary to insure the bees survive until sufficient resources are available for the growing population. All of this and much more will be covered in Tim’s presentation. Join us! As always, a potluck follows the program.

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