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Hands-On Beekeeping for NewBees
If you are a new or aspiring beekeeper who would like to observe and participate in a hive inspection in a working apiary, please email your name, location and contact information to stclairbees@gmail.com. If you are currently a beekeeper and would like to open your apiary for this experience, please email your name, contact information, location and number of hives to stclairbees@gmail.com. We’ll match people up for small groups of hands-on inspections.

Illinois State Beekeepers Summer Meeting
Saturday, June 9, 8 a.m.-4 p.m.
Visit the ILSBA website, Summary of Events, for more information

Heartland Apicultural Society Conference
July 11-13
Washington University campus, St. Louis
Visit the HAS website for more information

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