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Welcome Beekeepers!

Next Meeting is Friday, November 20, 6:30 pm
Holiday Dinner
Madison County Farm Bureau, 900 Hillsboro, Edwardsville



The topic presented at the October meeting, “Fall Feeding Your Bees,” is available on our Resource page under “Presentations and Publications.”

The next Beekeepers’ Class is scheduled for Saturday, March 12, 2016 at the St. Clair County Farm Bureau

Registration information will be available soon.

Got a Swarm of Bees?  Click Swarm List 2015 for help.

Need a Mentor?  We can help – Mentor List 2015.

Beekeeping News

It is with sadness and sorrow that I bring this news to St. Clair Beekeepers:  Norma Meyer passed away on June 2, 2015. Mrs. Meyer and her husband, Udell, who died in December, 2014, were long time beekeepers and active in both the local beekeeping association and the Illinois State Beekeepers Association.  According to one friend, Norma was our “tireless hospitality chief, brewing coffee, arranging the snack table, and always making sure we had everything we needed to enjoy a meal together as a beekeeping community.  Like Udell, she always wore a smile and had something funny to say.  Her kind and welcoming presence and conversations can’t be replaced.  She will always be remembered as one of Southern Illinois’s most important queen bees.”  For more details of Norma’s life, please click here.

Interested in Keeping Bees?

The St. Clair Beekeepers’ Association (SCBA) hosted its 2015 Beginner’s Beekeeping Class on Saturday, March 21, 2015.  More than 100 beekeepers were in attendance.  To read Ken Kloepper’s presentation on Honey Bee Biology click here

January Meeting Report

At the January SCBA meeting Ken Kloepper demonstrated making sugar bricks to provide supplemental feeding for bees during winter months.  Click on Sugar Bricks – Kloepper Method to see the description and recipe.

 February Meeting Report

At the February SCBA meeting Carol Richards, Jefferson County Beekeepers Association, demonstrated how to process beeswax.

Other information:

     Secretary Vickie Piehl announced that the SCBA beekeeping class was the subject of an article in the Edwardsville Intelligencer on February 18, 2015.

     She also asked that anyone who is interested in being added to either the Swarm List or Cutout List contact her.

     President Bill Mattatall announced the club is now taking nominations for Beekeeper of the Year; send nominations to Bill.

     If you are interested in using nematodes to control Small Hive Beetles they can be obtained by contacting www.southeastinsectaries.com.

March Meeting Report

Ray Chapman, Ken Schaefer and Ken Kloepper discussed spring management.  Free flower seeds are available at Feedabee.com.  The goal of this program, sponsored by Bayer, is to grow 50 million flowers for bees in 2015.

April Meeting Report

The May meeting will be held Sunday, May 24 at a member’s apiary; location and directions will be announced later.

Ken Schaefer was named Beekeeper of the Year.  Congratulations, Ken!

Lonnie Langley reported on the work of the Illinois Queen Initiative.  He discussed the importance of VSH queens and bees and what qualities make a valuable queen – good laying pattern, gentle temperament, hygienic and winter hardy.  More information about the IQI can be obtained on that association’s website.

Bill Mattatall announced that a program committee has been formed, headed by Charity Davis-Woodard.  Charity introduced the committee members – Susan Bailey, Barbara Beal and Vickie York – and asked that anyone who is interested in joining the committee please email her (cdavis.woodard@gmail.com).  She distributed a list of suggested program topics and asked members to mark those of greatest interest and to suggest additional topics if desired.

Barbara Beal presented a suggested club project called “Plan B – Birds, Bees, Butterflies and (Human) Beings” – which is intended to increase awareness of the need for resources for pollinators and to produce additional resources.  If adopted the SCBA would provide members with free seed packets to be distributed to honey customers or at events.  The SCBA board will vote on the project.

Several members have expressed interest in entering honey in local fairs; in conversations with a representative of the Madison County Fair it was determined that planning is too far advanced to allow honey exhibits this year, but the fair is open to reinstituting honey competitions in 2016.  Necessary action includes developing categories and criteria for honey and honey products for review by the county fair board.


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