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A News Note for SCBA Members

May 11, 2020

Happy Spring, everyone!  We hope this letter finds you healthy and safe during these trying times.  Unfortunately, with Covid-19 we cannot have our monthly meetings or the special workshop with Mel Disselkoen, but we are optimistic about gathering as a club sometime this summer.  Check the website and future Bee Buzz Jr. newsletters for updated news and event-listings. (See page 2 of this newsletter for information about a special event next week!)We want to welcome all new beekeepers that have joined the St. Clair Beekeepers Association and remind you we are here to help in your new adventure.  As a member of the SCBA you are also a member of the ISBA (Illinois State Beekeepers Association) so visit their website to stay informed as well: Don’t forget to check our club website,, for many beekeeping resources.  Whether you are a new or seasoned beekeeper you will find links to helpful information and club activities.

Just a sample of items that you will find there:

Publications and Presentations

Recommended Websites

Link to the club You Tube channel – instructional videos!

Beekeepers Calendar–what to do and when

Trading Post–nucs, bees, equipment for sale

Swarm and Cutout List

Mentors List

Also, on the St. Clair County Beekeepers Facebook page, there are videos and postings that will help to keep you informed.  This is the place where beekeepers help their fellow keepers!  Post your questions or help out someone else by sharing your experiences. New beekeepers sharing their joy of receiving their bees, success stories of trapping bees, great videos of bees in action and informational items that may make your day easier in the bee yard.

Now for some very exciting news! Three Rivers Beekeepers, a group that meets monthly in St. Peters, Missouri, has generously offered to share their upcoming Mel Disselkoen Zoom Webinar on May 18 at 6:30! This privilege is available only to members of St. Clair Beekeepers. We are making a donation to Three Rivers to help defray the costs and show our appreciation.

Three Rivers has our membership list and there will be a registration portal separate for SCBA members to use to sign up for the webinar.


It’s a big leap to attempt a virtual meeting, especially sharing it with another club! We are all hoping for success and perhaps future virtual meetings to bring remote speakers into our living rooms!

May Virtual Meeting

We will host a Zoom Webinar in place of the May Meeting.


Mel Disselkoen


OTS Queen Rearing 2020“!

Mel Disselkoen strives to identify and then direct the natural behaviors and seasonal reproductive cycles of the honeybee colony toward a profitable objective for the beekeeper in a way that simultaneously benefits the honeybee colony. A Master Beekeeper, he has kept bees for over 40 years and is familiar with all facets of beekeeping.  In 1988, he authored I.M.N System of Queen Rearing to document his discovery which eventually developed into OTS Queen Rearing, a beekeeping management method that fundamentally transforms the entire queen rearing paradigm.  Today he still utilizes OTS Queen Rearing to rear queens for honeybee colony starts in a timed way that biologically breaks the Varroa mites’ breeding cycle.  He has kept miticide-free bees for over 25 years and is dedicated to sharing his finding in order to help beekeepers become self-sufficient and to keep our honeybee colonies healthy and thriving.

Mel’s talk and training will be followed by our TRB Q&A Panel, where you can ask ANYTHING about Beekeeping and get the advice you need.

Monday May 18th from 6:30 pm to 9 pm (CST) – please note the earlier start to the meeting.

For logistical reasons this will only include members of Three Rivers Beekeepers or friends of the club (actively working on their membership by attending at least one meeting in the past year). All members of our email distribution list are receiving an email link to register for the May Zoom Webinar (along with some important logistical information).  However, only members or friends will be able to register for this event.  You will receive a confirmation email if your registration is successful that includes the information needed to join the webinar.  If you have a question about your membership status please respond to this email.

You must pre-register for this event.  Registration will close on Sunday May 17th at noon.  We do not have the resources to help with the technical issued or manage registration on the day of the event. You can register with the link below:

Register in advance for this webinar:

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the webinar.

Please test connections and be prepared to start a few minutes early.  This includes downloading zoom if needed.

Meeting specifics will be a Zoom Webinar (attendees in listen only mode) with some of our typical background slides, followed by Mel Disselkoen’s main presentation, a moderated Q&A Session with Mel, and then our standard TRB Q&A session for questions not specific to Mel’s presentation.

Please send detailed or complicated questions in advance by responding to this email.  Additional questions can be submitted during the webinar by typing them into the Q&A function of the Zoom Webinar.

Stclairbees has setup a YouTube channel, check us out and subscribe. More learning videos to be added.  Link to channel  



Unfortunately, European Foulbrood is showing up once again in area hives.  If you see a spotty brood pattern call Inspector Eleanor Schumacher at 510-285-7879.

See the latest and greatest Bylaws on the What New Page. Bylaws April 2018

Check out Bill Mattatall’s Follies of a Beekeeper here or on the What’s New page!

Need a Mentor?  We can helpMentor ListIf you would like to be a mentor, please email

It’s Swarm Season!!!

Swarm and Cutout list reflects the 2020 year
Updated 05/06/20 the latest and greatest Swarm List and Cutout List. If you would like to be included on the Swarm List and are a member of SCBA you may be listed for up to three counties. Please send your name, location, preferred counties and contact info to If you have been listed in the past please check the list to make sure your information is correct. If you no longer want to be included, please email  If you would like to be on the Cutout List please email your information to  Corrections and removal from list, please email.

It’s time to register your hives. It’s easy.  It’s free.  It’s required.  Contact Inspector Eleanor Schumacher (510-285-7879).

Want to join the St. Clair County Beekeepers Association?  Dues are $20 per year.  Email Treasurer Kay Good or call her at 618-977-5545.


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